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The Sith Dominion


About the guild RP

The base theme of our guild's RP is an isolated Sith society, living by the conservative traditions of the Old Empire. More information:

Guild lore and OOC information


The Dominion is divided into six 'castes' - hybrids of the Red Sith castes of subspecies and the Empire's 'spheres' of influence. Each performs a different role in the RP, and has its own structure of ranks. At the head of a caste is a Sith Lord - member of the Sith Council, the Dominion's ruling circle.

Castes and Hierarchy


Useful information

With the exception of the Arikut-tsawak, Hands of the Council, there is no requirement to wear a specific uniform. However, the suggestions below should be fitting and easily affordable.



RP in the troubled world of SWTOR often involves combat, and for that we use a special system of /roll-driven /duel.

RP-Combat system


Our guild's main premises are the Yavin 4 stronghold, and our flagship, 'The Sith'ari'. If you are unsure where to go, take a look at:

Stronghold plan


Rising in the ranks

In the Dominion, 'with great power comes great responsibility'.  By gaining a higher rank, one not only gains the authority to command those below, but the task to do so - frequently and well. To illustrate this, the hierarchy of each caste arises from the following template:


Sith Lord
Officer Officer
Force-user Force-user Force-user Force-user
Soldier Soldier Soldier Soldier


In this system, the Sith Lord is responsible for planning and organising caste-wide events and setting IC objectives in accordance with the other castes. The Commander then splits the objective into specific missions and distributes them among the Officer-lead groups. Finally, each Officer is responsible for the casual day-to-day RP involved in the assigned mission and how the subordinate Soldiers and Force-users are participating in it.

This arrangement allows the guild's RP to be self-sustainable, and provides opportunities for regular RP action.

Normally, one can earn (purposefully or not) a rank promotion by displaying certain proficiency in RP, an active stance in the guild life, and a more-or-less frequent online. However, in certain situations such as 'staff shortage', one possessing these qualities can be assigned a high rank in an accelerated manner, provided the person is interested. This is done for the sole purpose of sustaining active guild RP, and can be undone if these expectations are not met.

No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em